The aperture of your photography with a DSLR camera refers to how big the opening allowing light to reach the sensor is. Aperture is important to photography DSLR photography because it controls the depth of detail in the digital photography.

Aperture terminology is very confusing to learn for a lot of DSLR photographers because as the aperture number increases the size of the opening decreases. Aperture numbers are also referred to as f-stops.  As the aperture increases, more and more light is allowed to reach the sensor and there becomes less and less depth in the DSLR photograph. Photography DSLR using a small aperture will allow less light to reach the sensor and objects close and far will have much more detail.

If you're shooting a subject with an undesirable busy background you may want to have a large aperture so that the background is smoother and doesn't take attention away from the main subject of the digital photograph.

This digital photograph was taken at f/32. The flower at the front was selected as the focal point, but as you can see the cactus in the background  is very clear as well.

This photograph was taken with the same dslr camera at f/5.6. It has the same  focal point as the previous photograph. At a low f-stop only the elements of the photograph at the same depth as the focal point are in focus.

This digital SLR photograph was taken with an aperture f/5.6 again. The difference between this digital photograph and the previous is that the cactus in the background was selected as the focal point. Everything in the foreground is blurred because of the wide aperture. Although the depth of the image isn't very far, the wide aperture can still make everything but the focal point out of focus.  

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