Color spot is a photography term used to describe a photograph in which the photo is primarily black and white with the exception of a specific subject or feature in color. You can do it with a photo from a DSLR or a point and shoot. The example photograph above looked fine in color, but the petals were somewhat lost in the background so it was a great application to use color spotting. Coloring only the petals makes them pop out on the photograph and creates a greater sense of excitement in the moment. 

Color spotting a photograph is a very simple technique that can easily be achieved with most photo editing software. You first have to start with a photograph in color that has something unique about the colors or a subject. Start by opening the photograph with your photography editing software.

 The second step in creating a color spot photograph is to duplicate the color photograph as a layer on top of the original photograph. You then convert the layer on top to black and white. 

The last step in the color spot process is to carefully erase the areas where you want the color to show. You can use a selection tool to make it easier and less time consuming than moving the eraser tool over each individual pixel. When you're done erasing you can flatten the layers and you have a color spot photograph!

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