Rule of Thirds

The easiest way to improve the composition of your digital SLR photography is by using the "rule of thirds". The rule of thirds shows you where to place lines and focal points to make them most pleasing to the human eye. Learning these guidelines will be one of the easiest tips and tricks to improve your DSLR photography.

To use the rule of thirds, simply divided the image into three columns and three rows to create a grid. In general, major lines in the image you are about to take should be along the grid lines. The second element of the rule of thirds are the intersecting points. If there is a specific subject or focal point in the image you are trying to capture, place it at one of the intersecting points.

If there's just one thing you get out of this, never place the horizon across the center of the image.

Golden Triangle

The "golden triangle" in DSLR photography is not as easy to envision as the rule of thirds while you're shooting photos. Again, it's just commonly known that following the golden triangle will produce digital images that are very pleasing to look at.

As you can see, to create the golden triangle draw a line from two opposite corners of the image. Then from that line, draw two perpendicular lines going to the other two corners.

Don't think of the golden triangle as stiff lines. It's a good pattern to follow with sweeping lines similar to the letter "S".

Golden Spiral 

The "golden spiral" is another pattern that results in visually pleasing digital photographs.

As you can see the golden spiral resembles a snail shell. The golden spiral is a good element to reference when taking images of sweeping lines. 

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