Shutter speed is a very important topic to learn with DSLR photography. The shutter speed is the length of time that the shutter remains open to allow light to reach the digital camera's sensor for the photograph. The big issue with digital photography and shutter speed is movement. Both the digital photographer holding the digital SLR camera and the subjects in the photo may move. A fast shutter speed is required to take detailed images of moving subjects such as athletes. The advantage of a longer shutter speed is that some digital photography situations may not have much light and collecting it for a longer period will compensate for that. A tripod is a good solution to deal with the movement of holding a DSLR photography camera for several seconds without trying to move. Waterfalls are typically photographed with a longer shutter speed on your digital camera to show the movement of the water. If you want a longer exposure that your camera seems able to take, look in the manual for the instructions on the bulb setting. The bulb setting lets the exposure last as long as you want, until you push the shutter button a second time or the battery dies. You may want a wired or even wireless shutter button so that you don't shake the DSLR camera and come out with blurred digital photos. 

This dslr photograph was taken with a shutter speed of 1/640. That means 1/640th of a second. The shutter remained open for a fairly short amount of time which allows the digital slr camera to capture individual drops of water. 

This photograph was taken with a shutter speed of 1/25. The length of time that the shutter remained opened capture the movement of the water fountain. It shows more of the pattern of the water than actual drops of water.  

Here's another interesting photography tip for motion. As you take a digital picture of a moving subject and a relatively longer shutter speed, follow the subject with the camera as the shutter is open. This wil make the background blurry to give the impression of movement, while keeping the subject relatively in focus. 

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